Born in Paris, Jean-Christophe Huet developed a passion for travelling to far-flung destinations at a very early age. He chose to specialise his academic studies in the ethno-geography of the Tropical world and spent a period of living in the bend of the Niger river in Mali.

More recently, he decided to make a photographic record of Vanuatu threatened traditions. His book "Vanuatu" was published in 2009 (Michel Husson Ed.).

These last years, he traveled over Ethiopia and was specially impressed by the mysterious city of Harar, where Arthur Rimbaud spent his last years, and by the christian roots of this country.

In a few dates
2003 - 2008 : Many journeys to Vanuatu (South Pacific)
2009 : Book "Vanuatu", éditions Michel Husson
Exhibition "Vanuatu", Galerie Meyer, Paris
2009 - 2018 : Many journeys to Ethiopia
2010 - 2017 : Journeys to Ghana
2012 : Exhibition "Ethiopia, Land of Rastafarism", Tropismes Gallery, St Martin, FWI
2018 : Exhibition "L'homme dans tous ses états" (collectif), Maison Pelgrims, Bruxelles
2019 : Books "Tranches de vie" (collectif), éditions Michel Husson ; tome 1 : "John Omar Gym Club" ; tome 2 : “Les bouchers d'Accra”                      2019 : “The red curtain” in Mascular Magazine n°28, autumn 2019 
2020 : Exposition "Spiritualities of Ethiopia", Château de Gif, Paris